Air Freight

AMGL is providing a prompt and fast service for handling freight services. Operating with a wide selection of Airlines, allowing us to provide choices to our customers and find the best-fit for each customer’s needs. Depending on high speed but little bit cost, average speed with average cost, low speed for cheap cost (this is connected to the destination it self).

Sea Freight

If the customer has a huge shipment or in need for a very cheap cost, AMGL will provide sea freight services as a solution for their customers through wide collection companies that gives the best service with less time. AMGL provides ocean freight arrangement, cargo consolidation, customs brokerage and other logistics services.

Land Transport

Depending on near destinations that allows transportation through land, land transport will be better, and cheaper solution for huge shipment that customers will not afford to use airfreight or not interested in speed of the transportation.The Strategic Location of connected land areas in the Middle East and Africa makes us enable to provide our customers different type of land transport services, and easy movement all over the Gulf.

Door To Door

With our excellence communication with our different agents around the world, enables us to provide fast door to door service anywhere in the globe, which enables our customers the chance to avoid communicating with many companies at the same time, also they will avoid any mishandling between these various companies.

Custom Clearance

Clearance services for all classes of goods for the incoming shipments in to Kuwait. Our experience and long relationships with the customs of Kuwait airport, and seaport gives us a unique knowledge of aspects involved in clearing all types of goods.


Getting a product from point A to point B often requires more than putting it on a truck, plane or ship and delivering, warehousing provides the in-between step of holding products until they can be distributed to the right locations. AMGL provides warehousing with highly safety measurements depending on shipment’s type.

Professional Packing

Our packing services are second to none. We understand the importance of goods arriving safe and intact, no matter how big or small the shipment is. Customers can rely on safe shipping protected by our packaging and will receive their shipment with no scratch, or lost items. Our employees are professional, trained, and monitored to ensure quality remains at the highest standard. Shipments in transit to other countries will be assessed on arrival and repacked where necessary. Packing options include wood, nylon, carton and DGR packing with un specification standardization.

Human Remains

90% of Human Remains that are transported into or out of Kuwait are handled by AMGL. Handled with care, we provide a respectful and efficient service to move human remains in accordance with the wishes of the customer. With detailed knowledge of the documentation and government requirements for transportation, AMGL provides support and guidance to ensure remains are transported correctly and in a timely manner.

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods shipment, are goods that gives risk to human, animals and environment, and it needs professional and trained people to handle in shipping this risky goods. IATA (International Air Transport Association) prepared a certain rules and regulations on how to handle this type of shipments, and only trained people with valid license is allowed to transport this types of goods, AMGL is recognized as the market leader in the transportation of Dangerous (DGR) Goods in Kuwait. Approximately 80% of all DGR Goods moving from and through Kuwait are handled by our company. We provide professional packing and transportation of DGR goods to meet regulatory and government requirements.

Live Animals

Live animals are those animals transported from one place to another with proper documentation procedure, Each country have their own rules for each type of animals, and it is our duty to submit to their requirements in exporting/ importing this type of shipment. Our professional and experienced staff members are skilled in handling live animals during transportation. This process and our experience enables you to comfortably prepare live animals for long journeys from Kuwait to anywhere in the world.

Valuable Cargo

A consignment which contains articles having a declared value of carriage of USD.1000.00 or equivalent or more per kilo, some samples are; big amount of money, gold, silver, diamond, legal banknote, cheques, shares coupons, jewelry such as watches, securities, bonds, deeds, evidences of debt, precious stones or gems. AMGL have skilled and experience staff to handle this matter with proper care, correct documentation process, airport handling and airlines mutual understanding for a safe transport of that valuable shipment.

Perishable Goods

Goods which has a very short life span or those will rapidly deteriorate with exposure to extreme temperatures or adverse conditions, as flowers, leafy vegetables, fish and all sea foods, foodstuff such as cakes, meat, and any frozen food. AMGL has trained staff to handle this matter and to deliver the same to destination with a short span of time.

Printed Matters

Printed matter is a term to describe printed material produced by printers or publishers, such as books magazines, booklets, brochures and other publicity materials and in some cases, newspaper which is designed to be internationally known, therefore such shipments have to reach destination on time. AMGL is very much experienced and capable to handle this matter and have a numbers of customers of such publications and printing press exporting through us.

Diplomatic Shipments

Diplomatic cargo is a kind of receptacle used in diplomatic mission of the government, the physical concept of a “diplomatic bag” is flexible and therefore can take many forms e.g. an envelope, parcel, large suitcases. The most important point is that as long as it is declared as diplomatic bag, it has diplomatic immunity from search or seizure which is similarly immune from arrest and detention. It may only contain articles intended for official use. AMGL, is providing such services with skilled staff to handle this type of shipment.